15 Years Company Anniversary: An Unforgettable Team Retreat In Grado!

To celebrate this milestone, we made our way to Grado for our annual team retreat - and what a fantastic time we had!

The days were filled with valuable moments of exchange about current and future projects. We shared our visions and goals and developed new ideas to improve our services even further.

The focus of the team retreat was on strengthening team spirit and taking our cohesion to a new level. Through joint excursions, we explored the beautiful surroundings of Grado and shared unforgettable experiences. Whether on a boat trip through the lagoons, a walk on the island or enjoying the culinary delights - we savored every minute and strengthened the bond within our team.

To bring body and mind into harmony, we also indulged in yoga. The meditative atmosphere on the beach was simply perfect for recharging our batteries and focusing on our well-being.

These were days of pause, gratitude and appreciation for all the milestones we have achieved and will achieve as a company.

As a team, we are ready to take on new challenges, unleash our creativity and turn our visions into reality.
Here's to many more exciting years as a team!

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