The diamond is one of the world's most valuable elements - each one unique in its own way. For us, it is a synonym for uniqueness in people, for quality and our passion for what we do. We work with entrepreneurs, their employees and organizations, giving them the right polish and helping them to become a more lively and sustainable version of themselves. We bring organizations to life by developing outstandig, tailor-made solutions for the individual setting.

As a woman-led company, we create a work environment in which the most diverse personalities feel welcome. Diversity is our great strength. Our team is united by their passion for management consulting and their desire to achieve perfection results.

Brilliant consulting - delivering added value.

Our services

Our team has a profound understanding of moments of change experienced by our clients. Our service portfolio offers flexible, tailored and suitable solutions for the following key areas of personnel and management consulting:

Fields of work: strategy processes, purpose, culture, values

How sustainable and meaningful is it to develop long-term strategies these days? Strategies today can no longer be developed in medium-term cycles, yet they are still an immensely important component in keeping a company competitive and consistent in a dynamic competitive environment. hrdiamonds supports you in developing an agile, adaptive strategy and helps companies stay on track going forward.


Fields of work: Change management, transformation, agility, organizational development

If you want to understand change in a sustainable way, you need to look at people and the structural core of organizations. We understand transformation as a development process that always takes effect on the levels of strategy, process, structure, culture, leadership and human resources.


Fields of work: positive leadership, agile collaboration, lateral leadership

Alongside the classic managerial competencies, today's leaders need to exhibit curiosity, empathy, insight, determination and enthusiasm – in short, social skills. The decisive difference in today's understanding of leadership lies not so much in the skills as in the human qualities of the leader and the development opportunities he or she creates for their employees..


Fields of work: team development, culture and values workshop, creative formats

Teams are the bridge between the needs of the organization and it's employees. In order to promote development, teams need to constantly reshape themselves. Our mindful, focused and sometimes unexpectedly creative approach helps you rethink and reconfigure your corporate and employee culture.


Fields of work: Diversity management

How do companies leverage diversity to make the leap to the top? Our awards and the seal of quality "equalitA" received in 2022 oblige us to factor diversity into every consultancy situation. We believe that actively and consciously addressing employee diversity is a success factor for every company and ensures the long-term future viability of organizations.


Fields of work: Moderation, large events, workshops, seminars

We put our expertise into action using a suitably structured yet agile combination of small or large group methods, classic moderation techniques and creative elements.



Fields of work: Coaching, self-management

All coaches at hrdiamonds follow a multi-method approach in coaching conversations. Depending on the individual situation, we combine tools from the systemic approach with other appropriate methods, supplemented by specific tools from the classic training field to open up individual resources in a targeted way.


Fields of work: Development Center, Assessment Center, Recruitment

Recognizing, promoting and retaining potential. The right personnel planning framework can inject new impetus into your staff recruitment policy, help you develop skills and talents to stay competitive, and build employee loyalty to your company.


Fields of work: Strength-oriented methods, testing, potential analysis

Our tools are designed to have an impact at the levels of individual, team and organization. Effective, self-reflective and sustainable.





Diversity is the key to our success at hrdiamonds.

Our clients

Since launching our company in 2008, we have been privileged to provide consultancy services to a large number of top-class clients. Together we have been able to drive change on the levels of people, teams and organizations. See below for a selection of our clients:

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