PE To Go: Female Leadership - Male Thoughts

The hrdiamonds podcast "Personnel development to go" deals briefly and concisely with current topics related to personnel consulting, management and organizational development. Our focus is on people: that's why we always invite exciting guests and experts to share their views. Sharing tips and practical experience is an added value. From us, for you.

It continues to be important to us to raise awareness and strengthen the perception of women in leadership. This has been a much-discussed topic for many years, yet there are significant differences in the perception of leadership - whether female or male. This is precisely why we decided to have two of our male consultants discuss the topic in this episode. To find out why men in particular should devote themselves to this topic - find out more in the podcast.

Introduction; What was the impuls for the choice of topic? (minute 0:00-2:00) - What is the difference between women and men in leadership? (2:01-4:25)
- Unconsious bias; what does this have to do with the perception of the leader? (4:26-5:38)
- Unconsious bias; concrete example of the perception of women by male colleagues in decision-making processes (5:39-6:30)
- Strong sexism in companies? (6:31-7:23)
- What can be done to "correctly" perceive women in the role of manager - this starts with oneself. (7:24-10:00)


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