PE To Go: Psychopathology of Leadership

The hrdiamonds podcast "Personnel development to go" deals briefly and concisely with current topics related to personnel consulting, management and organizational development. Our focus is on people: that's why we always invite exciting guests and experts to share their views. Sharing tips and practical experience is an added value. From us, for you.

This episode is all about the fine line between healthy and pathological personalities and how people with narcissistic traits make their way into management positions. We also ask our guest Dr. Christian Guth whether the current times have an influence on how management positions are filled and how it can be avoided that they are taken over by narcissistic personalities. Dr. Guth also tells us, among other things, in which organizational structures this psychopathology is rather atypical and not so frequently represented.

The podcast at a glance:
Guest: Dr. Christian Guth
Topic: Psychopathology of Leadership
Moderator: Ulrike Jung
Duration: 14min

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