The Somewhat Different City Tour

At yesterday's "15 years of hrdiamonds" event, we took our customers on a special city tour with our cooperation partner Benjamin Mayer to delve into Vienna's history and meet exciting leadership personalities.

Some fascinating questions arose: How did the behavior of monarchs and entrepreneurs differ? Did women lead differently than men in times of upheaval?

Our journey began at St. Stephen's Cathedral, where we first went back to the Middle Ages and learned from Rudolf IV, who gave us an important lesson in resilience. Setbacks were a major challenge for him. At the Graben, at the Plague Column, we looked at the long-suffering Leopold I and the topic of active leadership. The question that arose here was: Is it a weakness to let others shine?
In the Demel confectionery during the interwar period, Anna Demel ensured that business was booming. But was it her traditionalism of all things that laid the foundations for today's success?
Adolf Loos, on the other hand, shocked society with his revolutionary Loos House on Michaelerplatz. It is not just about the architect, but also about the courageous clients.
Franz Joseph and Joseph II, the two Habsburg rulers, could hardly be more different in their understanding of leadership. While preservation was the highest goal for one, the other could hardly be restrained in his eagerness for reform.
At Neuer Markt, we returned to the present and talked about the challenges of climate change. Leadership in urban development projects also means complexity management, as we could see from the elaborate redesign of the square.
Finally, we met another confectionery and an entrepreneur called Anna - this time at Sacher. We asked ourselves the question: What is more important, branding for the company or self-promotion for the boss? Or do the two go hand in hand?

The tour ended in a cozy atmosphere at the traditional Bitzinger sausage stand.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this inspiring event! We look forward to many more years of learning, collaboration and growth.

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