Actively Experiencing Mindfulness

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting another exciting event as part of our "15 years of hrdiamonds" anniversary. This time the theme was "Mindfulness" and it was a wonderful opportunity to explore this important topic.

Our consultant Martin Petter, introduced the participants to the evening and gave an exciting overview of what mindfulness means and how it can be applied in daily life. There was an interactive exchange about the participants' different experiences and points of contact with mindfulness.
Before going outside for a mindfulness walk, Martin led a short meditation. This moment of calm and inner reflection made it possible to leave everyday life behind and concentrate on the present moment.

After the mindfulness walk, everyone came together again and had the opportunity to share the experiences and impressions they had gathered. It was nice to see how each individual benefited from mindfulness in their own way and took away the aspects they needed for themselves.



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