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We don't offer our customers anything that we haven't already tried ourselves.

We are enthusiastic about Shinergy®[business], the program of our cooperation partner Ronny Kokert.

Nowadays, the most difficult disputes usually take place at a professional level. Everyone who works faces challenges: perceived weaknesses, pressure to succeed, frustration, competitions, fears or stress.

We offer our customers martial arts world champion, author and coach, Shinergy®[business] with Ronny Kokert.
This is a training program tailored to everyday professional life, taking into account modern living conditions and social developments - in three stages: Recognize yourself, Recognize your counterpart, Act self-determined and calm in the "here and now".
The cornerstones of this new type of coaching are increasing the body's own energy, calm and self-determined action in stress and anxiety situations and flexibility in managing rapid change.
Theoretical content alternates with easy-to-understand exercises that make what has been learned directly tangible and applicable. The exact content and scope of the training are adapted to the individual needs of managers and employees.
🎥 by: LIEB.ICH Productions

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