Personalentwicklung to go - Episode 11: Confusion & Learning

When was the last time you were really confused while learning something new?
Confusion can be something purposeful and hasn’t always something to do with chaos.
But what is confusion? How can we learn from it? And what has Confusion to do with learning?
All these questions and more are answered by our colleague Barbara, who is an expert in this field.
Including also some relevant practice examples from hrdiamonds.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/hrdiamonds/pe-to-go-confusion-learning-episode-11


  • Intro - What is confusion?: 0:00-2:30 minutes
  • How does one embrace confusion? 2:31-3:30 minutes
  • Examples from hrdiamonds about complexity: 3:31-4:30 minutes
  • LERNEn.0©: 4:31-5:00 minutes
  • How is confusion and learning connected?: 5:01-6:25 minutes
  • Confusion doesn’t mean chaos: 6:26-7:45 minutes


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