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The hrdiamonds team has existed since the company was founded in 2008. In recent years, there has been a continuous, very pleasing growth. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, we have an excellent reputation for competence and professionalism. Different disciplines and experiences complement each other and enrich the spectrum again and again. We use this diversity for the benefit of our customers.


Ulrike Jung

Management Board, Personnel and Organizational Developer & Coach

"Growing with professional issues and exploring innovative ways with customers, that is the exciting thing about PD work."

  • The focus of her consulting work lies in the conception of programs for management and specialist development, the implementation of employer branding initiatives as well as employee surveys. She advises executive boards on the establishment of a strategic HR management, recruitment and succession planning.
  • Ulrike Jung has had more than 20 years of professional experience in HR, among others as an HR Manager, Business Partner and Recruiter, for example, at Microsoft. Since the formation of hrdiamonds in 2008, she has been a Senior Consultant, Customer Account Manager and Member of the Management Board and has significantly been shaping the successful path of hrdiamonds.
  • Ulrike Jung studied education, mathematics and philosophy in Hamburg and also completed a training as a systemic consultant as well as various other trainings with respect to diagnostics of employees.

Claudine Ulreich

Management Board, Finance, Marketing & Office Manager

"What you wish to inflame in others must burn within yourself!"

  • At hrdiamonds, she is responsible for smooth processes in our entire finance and office management, including project management, accounting and marketing as well as for all topics concerning personnel administration and health management.
  • After completing her training as an office clerk and various jobs in office, marketing and project assistance, she spent the last few years working independently in the field of event organization and customer service.

Doris Weyer

Founder & CEO, Personnel and Organizational Developer & Coach

“Managers are the actual personnel developers!”

  • Her work focuses on supporting organizations in transformation and strategy processes. In addition, she acts as a sparring partner for managers and management boards, develops learning architectures and presides over workshops and retreats.
  • Doris Weyer has had more than 20 years of experience as a personnel and organizational developer. In 2008, she founded hrdiamonds and established hrdiamonds as a strong and competent partner in the personnel and organizational development.
  • Doris Weyer studied International Business Administration in Vienna, Saarland and Paris, did her doctorate in the field of organizational development and knowledge management and also completed numerous trainings and postgraduate trainings in the areas of coaching, personnel development and organizational development.

(Senior) Consultants

Manuela Hawelka (currently on maternity leave)

Personnel Developer, Trainer & Coach

“An appreciative interaction with each other and a good mood are the best workplace!”

  • Her work focuses, among others, on the conception and execution of ACs and DCs as well as on recruiting and on the implementation of workshops and trainings.
  • After successfully finishing her degree in International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Manuela Hawelka began her career in customer account management, among others as account manager for strategic advertising planning and implementation, and in project management at Austria's largest provider of the HR conferences Business Circle.

Dominik Hofer

Personnel and Organizational Developer & Coach

“As a good consultant, you are not the one with the biggest toolbox, but the one with the right attitude!”

  • The focus of his consulting projects is on organizational development, strategy and transformation support. He supports team developments, is a keynote speaker at conferences on the subject of "new learning methods" and lecturer at various universities and colleges.
  • He was successfully working as an independent organizational developer, teaching coach and international cultural manager for many years, before joining the hrdiamonds consulting team in 2016 with his profound and versatile expertise.
  • Dominik Hofer finished his degree in Counseling Sciences and Management of Social Systems "Coaching, Organizational and Personnel Development" at ARGE Bildungsmanagement and his Bachelor's degree in "Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy". He completed numerous postgraduate trainings in conflict resolution and coaching as well.

Barbara Horak

Personnel and Organizational Developer & Trainer

“I thoughtfully listen to "corporate" and enthusiastically speak "employee".”

  • As a senior consultant and customer account manager, she works in a very specialized way at the interface of strategic planning and its operational implementation. Barbara Horak develops specific personnel development programs, leads workshops and team developments and also supports international organizational development measures.
  • For many years, she gained corporate experience in the management of international customer projects with a focus on training concepts and team processes, for example, at Western Union. With her international expertise, she has been an asset to the team of hrdiamonds since 2015.
  • Barbara Horak studied economy at the Kodolanyi University of Applied Sciences, is a certified process manager (six sigma) and completed numerous postgraduate trainings in, for example, ethics, anti-corruption and project management.

Annemarie Litschauer

Personnel Developer, Trainer & Coach

“Only if I know the needs of my fellow human beings, I can motivate them!”

  • Annemarie Litschauer's core work is the conception and implementation of communication and personality trainings as well as in the areas of intercultural competence and gender & diversity. She also supports team developments and coaching in individual and team settings.
  • She has had many years of international and national professional experience as a sales manager and trainer. Since 2018, Annemarie Litschauer has supported the team of hrdiamonds.
  • Annemarie Litschauer finished her degree in Counseling Sciences and Management of Social Systems "Coaching, Organizational and Personnel Development" at ARGE Bildungsmanagement. She is a certified trainer in adult education with an additional training in Gender & Diversity Management and she completed various postgraduate trainings in sales and communication.

Vincent Paulischin

Personnel and Organizational Developer & Coach

“Appropriate answers need the right questions!”

  • His work focuses on the conception and support of organizational development processes, the planning and implementation of team developments as well as the development and implementation of personnel development processes. In addition, Vincent Paulischin works as a coach and gives individually developed training courses in communication and leadership.
  • He has had many years of experience as a trainer and project coordinator of EU projects in the social and educational sector. With his wealth of experience, Vincent Paulischin has been an asset to the hrdiamonds team as a senior consultant and customer account manager since 2015.
  • Vincent Paulischin studied sociology and theater arts. Furthermore, he completed a training as a systemic organizational developer, coach and supervisor as well as numerous further trainings in organizational development.

Martin Petter

Personalentwickler, Trainer & Coach

„Wir Menschen sind unglaublich. Alle notwendigen Stärken und Antworten stecken in uns – oft braucht es nur einen kleinen Anstoß.“

  • Die Schwerpunkte seiner Tätigkeit liegen in der Konzeption und Durchführung von Kommunikations- und Persönlichkeit-Trainings, der Beratung von Organisationen beim Aufbau von Fort- und Weiterbildungsakademien, sowie der Begleitung von Teams im Rahmen von Workshops und Teamentwicklungen. Weiters ist Martin Petter als Coach tätig und unterstützt Menschen in deren professionellen Entwicklungen.
  • Er verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung in den Bereichen Sales, Key Account Management und IT-Projektmanagement in einem großen Logistikkonzern. Im Rahmen der Projektleitung für ein Software-Ausrollungs-Projekt befasste er sich intensiv mit den Themen Change Management, Agilen Arbeitsformen (wie Scrum) und Ausbildungen von Trainern.
  • Martin Petter studierte Wirtschaft und Management am MCI-Management Center Innsbruck. Weiters absolvierte er Ausbildungen als zertifizierter Trainer und Coach, Scrum Master und Achtsamkeits- und Entspannungstrainer.

Alexandra Hahn (Karenz)

Personnel and Organizational Developer & Coach

“We, as an organization, are the flagship of our work - authenticity is the best quality feature.”

  • Her focus is on supporting organizational development projects and the implementation of HR development tools, such as the 360° feedback analysis, EQ-i® personality tests and LERNEn.0 ©. She is also responsible for the development of new products and training formats.
  • Alexandra Hahn graduated in psychology from the University of Vienna and has been successfully working in management consulting since 2010, among others in the organizational consulting of nonprofit organizations.

Junior Consultants

Anna Obkircher

Personalentwicklerin, Coach

" Stelle sicher, dass es sich so anfühlt, als wäre es von Menschen für Menschen gemacht.“

  • Anna Obkircher sorgt für optimale Vorbereitung und reibungslose Abwicklung der KundInnenprojekte. Sie ist die Kommunikationsschnittstelle zwischen der internen Organisation und der externen Arbeit mit unseren KundInnen.
  • Sie absolvierte das Masterstudium der Psychologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Arbeits-, Organisations-, Bildungs-, Sozial-, und Wirtschaftspsychologie an der Universität Wien.
  • Anna sammelte bereits während ihres Studiums wertvolle Berufseinblicke in die Trainings- und Personalentwicklung, z.B bei der Entwicklung und Implementierung von Leadership-Programmen, als Co-Trainerin bei Teamtagen und der Vorbereitung von Assessment Centern.

Benjamin Dittmoser-Pfeifer

Personalentwickler, Coach

" Ein Schiff ist im Hafen sicher. Aber dafür sind Schiffe nicht gedacht.“

  • Benjamin Dittmoser-Pfeifer sorgt für optimale Vorbereitung und reibungslose Abwicklung der KundInnenprojekte. Er ist die Kommunikationsschnittstelle zwischen der internen Organisation und der externen Arbeit mit unseren KundInnen.
  • In seiner beruflichen Laufbahn hat er mehrere Jahre lang Schulungen und Fortbildungen im NGO Bereich konzipiert und durchgeführt. Seit dem Sommer 2019 unterstützt er das Team von hrdiamonds.
  • Benjamin Dittmoser-Pfeifer studierte Lehramt für Volksschulen. Derzeit absolviert er eine Ausbildung zum systemischen Organisationsentwickler, Coach und Supervisor.

Jennifer Siller

Sales Executive Assistant

"If we show interest for others, they also show interest for us."

  • Her area of responsibility at hrdiamonds includes appointments with respect to the acquisition of new customers, the administrative support of the existing customers as well as the development of new acquisition tools.
  • She is a student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has been supporting hrdiamonds since 2018.


Stine Jung

Marketing Assistant

" Es gibt drei Arten von Reaktionen auf ein Design: Ja, nein und wow!“

  • Die Schwerpunkte ihrer Tätigkeiten bei hrdiamonds umfassen die Gestaltung der Social Media Aktivitäten und der hrdiamonds Website, sowie die Unterstützung und Betreuung unserer Events.
  • Sie wirkt mit bei der Erstellung aller Marketing relevanten Unterlagen und unseren Auftritten bei Messen und Netzwerkveranstaltungen.
  • Stine Jung studiert Psychologie an der Sigmund Freud Universität und nutzt ihr Wissen im Bereich Konsumentenpsychologie um unsere Markenpositionierung zu festigen.

Patricia Poremba

Assistant to Office Management and Marketing

“The work that we like doing becomes a pleasure!”

  • The focus of her activities at hrdiamonds is the execution of organizational tasks with respect to finance, marketing and the back office.
  • Patricia Poremba graduated from the Academy for Tourism and gained a lot of professional experience in customer service, seminar and office organization, for example, at HYPO NOE Landesbank AG.


aha! Alexandra Haring

"The most important asset of your company wears shoes!"

  • The focus of her work is in the conception and implementation of management trainings, large group events and team developments. She works as a coach and conflict facilitator as well as in stress management and burnout prevention
  • Alexandra Haring completed the Propaedeutic Program in Psychotherapy, is a certified systemic coach as well as a skilled trainer and leader. Furthermore, she is a certified MBSR teacher and individually integrates elements of mindfulness into her consulting work.

Marita Haas

Marita Haas does gender consulting. In our joint work, we help companies to develop gender-sensitive processes, to allow diversity and to create an anti-discriminatory environment. 14 years of experience in research and teaching on gender & diversity in organizations. Study of International Business Administration with a focus on personnel management and organization theory; doctoral program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences. Co-founder of an IT start-up. Several years of professional experience in HR, especially in recruiting and personnel development. Scientific support of companies and start-ups in gender and diversity issues. Lecturing activities and workshops. Lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology (Institute of Management Science), University of Klagenfurt (Gender Studies), University of Vienna (Department of Education).

Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg

The advisory group Neuwaldegg is an internationally operating systemic management consultancy. Its consulting expertise is in the areas of corporate development, change management, corporate management, strategy & innovation, diagnosis & evaluation as well as management control.


Die CAPTain Potenzialanalyse unterstützt Sie mit fundierten Einschätzungen und konkreten Handlungsansätzen für Personalauswahl, Personalentwicklung, Talentförderung oder alltägliche Führungsaufgaben.

Potenziale von Mitarbeitern erkennen und gezielt entwickeln. Zum persönlichen Nutzen des Menschen und gleichzeitig zum wirtschaftlichen Nutzen des Unternehmens. Mit unseren Tools zur Potenzialanalyse arbeiten wir und viele zertifizierte Consultants für Konzerne und mittelständische Unternehmen in Österreich und ganz Europa. Stets mit dem Fokus passende Person für die jeweilige Aufgabe zu finden. Profitieren Sie von unseren mehr als 60 unterschiedlichen online Verfahren zur Potenzialanalyse und unserer langjährigen Erfahrung in der Anwendung und Implementierung.


Christoph Reichenberger studierte Informatik (JKU Linz) und Beratungs­wissenschaften (SFU Wien) mit Schwerpunkt Supervision Coaching und Organisationsentwicklung. Weiters absolvierte er die Ausbildung zum eingetragenen Mediator. Er ist als Coach, Mediator und Organisationsentwickler tätig und darüber hinaus Eigentümer und Geschäftsführer eines international agierenden Software­unternehmens. Aufgrund seiner langjährigen Erfahrung weiß er, wie mit Konflikten in Unternehmen, Abteilungen und Teams konstruktiv umzugehen ist.

Seine breit gefächerte Ausbildung und Erfahrung sowie seine Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit machen ihn zum gefragten Begleiter in Veränderungs­prozessen und zum vertrauensstiftenden Partner in Konfliktsituationen. Mit Sitz in Perg (nahe Linz) ist Christoph Reichenberger unser Kooperations­partner in Oberösterreich.

Werner Schweitzer - S.I.C Consulting

Werner Schweitzer is developer and head of S.I.C-Consulting. He is a mental trainer and supports companies, for example, in development processes. In doing so, he relies, in particular, on the application of interactive methods and trainings.

Kleestorfer Consulting

hrdiamonds and Kleestorfer Consulting are connected by a strategic partnership. Together, we offer our customers a profound expertise in organizational and personnel development as well as HR consulting and executive development.


Sichtart consulting, with leading lady Elisabeth Sechser, specializes in modern organization designs and Gutes Neues Arbeiten (good new work).

Barbara Dreher MSc CMC

Barbara Dreher is our cooperation partner in Vorarlberg. She focuses on organizational and team development as well as workshops and trainings.

Ruth Havel

Ruth Havel is a self-employed entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in various positions. She works as a trainer, coach and leader with a systemic consulting approach. Her personal "WHY": contributing to joyful organizations.

Tim Birdsall

Tim Birdsall has many years of experience in IT and communication technology and works as an independent trainer, focusing on sales and soft skills training in national and international corporate contexts.

Walter Samuel Bartussek

Walter Samuel Bartussek has many years of experience as a communication trainer. In particular, he likes to work with body language and pantomime. In collaboration with hrdiamonds, he has strengthened the body-awareness and the non-verbal communication of many participants.

Bernhard Baumrock

Bernhard Baumrock develops complex and highly individual web software in Vienna. We have been working with him since 2016 and have been thrilled again and again with how well he can analyze and understand our needs, and then quickly and effectively deliver a solution. From our CRM to the website to our specially developed 360° Feedback Tool, it is always great fun to plan, to visualize and to exchange ideas with him. We appreciate his potential and are happy and grateful to have him as a partner!