In a meaningful consultation
the people are in the focus.

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(based on Simon Sinek "Golden Circle")

(based on Simon Sinek "Golden Circle")

Focus people

A smooth and joyful cooperation repeatedly encounters challenges. The source of these is the interaction of the individual, the team and the organization. We support you with problem solving and, in doing so, always keep an eye on the individual person. Thereby we create an awareness of self-responsible action. Only then, a constructive cooperation in the company can be successful. The basis for that is an examination of the values, attitudes and ethics. We create awareness: "My actions have a consistent impact on society."

Inspiration in the team

We work with modern methods and current topics, e.g. "Scrum for Agile Cooperation", "Lateral Leadership in Leadership Systems", "Sociocratic Decision Making", "Holacracy as a Corporate Structure", and many more. Digitization and "New Work" inspire us just as much as classic concepts from corporate governance, system theory (Viable System Model) and sociology - always based on Human Resource Management.

Focus organization

We deal with the tension between organization - leadership and Human Resource Management. Departments sometimes pursue completely contradictory targets. Apparently, insoluble conflicts and excessive demands develop. Especially in transformation processes and organizational changes, we give people space. Our work creates transparency and together we work out effective solutions for newly coordinated interaction.

360-Degree Feedback

Change of perspective for more insight

Change Support

Clarity and empathy in moving times


Open individual resource sources

Design Thinking

4 steps to the solution idea

Development Center / Assessment Center

Determining the location for conscious decisions

Employer Branding

Inspire inside and outside

Equal Pay / Gender Consulting

Detailed analyzes for lived fairness

Personality Profiles

People are measurable?!

Leadership Programs

Develop competencies and personalities

Major Events

The "spark" of a large group

HR Consulting

More than valuable

Career / Salary Models

Motivation and transparency through structure

Creative Formats

Something different for a change


Learn together with LERNEn.0©

Appraisal Interviews / Target Agreement

Classic tools that give (re-) orientation

Outplacement / New Placement

Exit as an opportunity

Simulation Game

Deepen economic know-how in a playful way


Find the right person for you

Team Analyses

Topics of conversation for your workshop

Team Developments

Together we are strong

Trainings & Seminars

The most important muscle lies between our ears


Leading you to your goals

Vision / Strategy Processes

Design the direction & the way