Tomorrowmind Congress

What a weekend!

As part of the 6th Positive Psychology Tour, we spent last weekend at the Tomorrowmind Congress. Among the brilliant international speakers were personalities such as Martin Seligman, Gabriella Kellermann, Kim Cameron, Willi Ruch, Alena Slezackova, Joachim Bauer, Gunther Schmidt, Gabriele Sauberer and Judith Mangelsdorf. Their practice-oriented approaches and captivating theories encourage people to develop strengths, improve communication, foster resilience and implement future visions.

The congress not only offered valuable theoretical insights, but also practical suggestions on how we can actively work on our personal and professional development. The variety of topics presented allowed us to take a comprehensive look at the possibilities for shaping a positive future.

Another highlight was the first PERMA Lead Summit, where our certified consultants Anna Obkircher and Benjamin Dittmoser-Pfeifer gave a brilliant presentation on our successful PERMAlead project. The Summit was not only a space to share best practices, but also an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other professionals.

We are happy to participate in such enriching events. They give us the opportunity not only to strengthen our team, but also to make a positive contribution to the field (in which we operate). It is great to see how the hrdiamonds team is passionate about these topics and wants to actively work together to shape a positive future. We are grateful for the inspiring presentations and look forward to incorporating the knowledge gained even more into our daily work.

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