New Artist - Ganza Olivier Hodari

Olivier Hodari Ganza's wonderful paintings currently decorate our office and his initiative "Art for Change" gives street children in Rwanda a great chance: His goal is to support these children with his skills and knowledge about art - to bring them back to school, pay their school fees and give them a new life by encouraging their talents.

We really like not only the colorful paintings of the artist, but also what is behind them. We admire and support his creative and charitable nature.

Ganza was born on November 25, 1994 in Musanze, Rwanda. Immediately after completing his art education at the renowned art school.

Nyundo in 2014 with a diploma in painting and sculpture, he fully dedicated himself to the practice of art. He is a talented, powerful, often mystical and highly motivated artist whose works astonish the eye with full splendor. He uses subjects in his painting that he makes shine with multiple layers of color and forms of graceful, yet lush beauty that magnificently show the combination of his natural and academically trained skills.

Ganza is finding more and more favor in contemporary art, applying his academic knowledge combined with innovation to achieve his personally lofty goals in his art. For his particular style of art, he was awarded by the Master Card Foundation as the best Rwandan youth artist under the "Hope, Energy and Ingenuity Voices of African youth Program", for which he is highly appreciated in the artist:inside community of his country.

In his art, Ganza often expresses what he feels, thinks or sees in the world around him, earning extraordinary reactions from his admirers.

His works have been exhibited in various places in Rwanda and shown in different exhibitions in East Africa, USA and in 2021 also in Japan.

With his works he wants to show and preserve the culture of his country in its full splendor. He draws with odar.

He is personally available for enthusiasts of his art.

Visual artist Olivier Hodari Ganza discovered the sad reality that due to extreme poverty and other reasons, children are forced to leave their homes and live on the streets. He then decided to interact with the street children in his community. He became aware of the situation of these children while pursuing a career as a visual artist at Inshuti Arts and Cultural Village in 2020.

After seeing the number of street children in his hometown in Musanze District increase daily, he decided to find a way to contribute to the well-being of his community and the country as a whole.

As a result, the visual artist launched an initiative called "Art for Change." The initiative was launched with the goal of supporting these street children with basic necessities - getting them back to school and paying their tuition - and helping them rebuild their lives by nurturing their talents to improve their livelihoods. Through his organization, Ganza supports street children by teaching them art and, in turn, contributing great things to the fight for a better life in Rwanda through the proceeds of sales. Since leaving high school, it has been his dream to share what he has achieved, especially with street children and children of poor families.

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