Eventful Q2 Meeting at hrdiamonds

With today's team meeting, we at hrdiamonds have set ourselves up well for the coming quarter. These meetings are not only relevant in terms of strategy and content, but also a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire team together again.

And today was particularly eventful for us:

  • One highlight of today's meeting was the reunion with our colleague Lena Strohmayer, who has been working remotely from Asia for the last few months. After several months of remote collaboration, our Business Development team is now finally physically united.
  • The new team members Selina Roth, Madlaine Duda and Yelyzaveta Velychko were welcomed again today - we are happy to have you in our team!
  • The "birthday children" of the last few weeks also got some attention today and were surprised with cake and flowers.

Despite the eventful meeting, we are now well prepared for the next quarter and look forward to all future projects and collaborations!





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