Remote Work From Rome - 8 Questions for Our Consultant Cristina Branca

Once again during the "New Work Weeks", we have the pleasure of giving you an insight into the working model of a team member at hrdiamonds. This time it's about our wonderful consultant Cristina Branca. Cristina also took the time to tell us about her hybrid working model in an interview. Although she lives in Rome, [...]

Help! My Colleague Moved to Asia - Coworking Spaces?! 6 Things to Know

As part of the "New Work Weeks", we are shedding light on the topic of the "New Way of Work" at hrdiamonds. Having already covered the topics of remote work and home office in recent weeks, we are now turning our attention to coworking spaces. Our team member Lena Strohmayer has been working remotely from Asia for hrdiamonds for the last 10 months. In her [...]

Family and Work – Home Office as a Gamechanger

As part of our “New Work Weeks” at hrdiamonds, we want to give our team members a chance to share their stories. That's why we're particularly happy to give you an insight into the working model of our consultant Barbara Horak today. Barbara has taken the time to conduct a short interview with us. She shares her experiences with [...]

Help, my Colleague Moved to Asia! 7 Things You Should Consider When Working Remotely

Our team member Lena Strohmayer packed her bags last year and moved to another continent without further ado. And what's special about that? It's not a vacation, sabbatical or anything like that. Lena is still working at hrdiamonds, just in a different time zone. Every day, we advise and support companies in providing their employees with […]

Tomorrowmind Congress

What a weekend! As part of the 6th Positive Psychology Tour, we spent last weekend at the Tomorrowmind Congress. Among the brilliant international speakers were personalities such as Martin Seligman, Gabriella Kellermann, Kim Cameron, Willi Ruch, Alena Slezackova, Joachim Bauer, Gunther Schmidt, Gabriele Sauberer and Judith Mangelsdorf. Their practice-oriented approaches and captivating theories encourage […]

Gender Pay Gap

As of today, men have already achieved the income that women will have to work for until the end of the year. The average pay gap of 16.9 percent corresponds to a period of 62 calendar days per year. hrdiamonds is strongly committed to equal opportunities and the elimination of the gender pay gap. As a company founded and managed by women, with 75% of the team […]

Workshop Location in The Center of Mobility

Once again, we had a very special workshop location - right in the heart of Daimler Buses Austria, surrounded by the buses of our valued customer. In today's working world, it is crucial to create spaces for discussion away from the day-to-day operations to allow room for strategic direction of the company. Our workshops at Daimler Buses Austria aimed to […]

Artistic Team Development

We are very happy to share our cooperation with Klaus Elle, our partner for Artistic Team Development! We were able to spend an inspiring day together, where Klaus accompanied us in poetically interpreting pictures we had created under the title "Who am I". The individual picture metaphors proved to be a real enrichment, as they teach rational […]

Strategy Needs Vision

Ulrike Jung had the pleasure of designing a team workshop at the Allianz Stadium in Vienna. We have already had many extraordinary workplaces, but a stadium was also something completely new for us. From the stands, we could not only see the greatness of the pitch, but also work together on strategy with foresight. It's about […]